The Royal son-in-law

24 thoughts on “The Royal son-in-law”

  1. this is what happens when Karma Bites .
    what we are now is the result of our actions in the past . dont you think so ??
    i would Like Bitty to be happy wherever she is . Jerks are Jerks no matter how much love you shower on them


      1. arey rockstart forgot to send you this ->Nominating you for Infinity Dream award .
        I want you to talk about your dreams, aspiration, and goals in your next post. That’s the challenge I’m giving . Keep rocking .

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  2. I feel sad over Bitty, and Patty breaking up, and Patty losing his good looks. Sometimes handsome people turn ugly looking because of their deeds, or life style.


    1. Yes totally the universe always gives u what u deserve!! Patty was not noble with the sweetest Bitty and the other girls so he got what he deserved. But yeah even I feel sad for both of them, they were very affectionate and sweet to me πŸ™‚


    1. Yess its soo sad!! I still miss them….Patty might have been quite a jerk to the other girls, specially dearest Bitty…..but both of them were very affectionate and caring to me……I wish they were together they could have been one of the best couples ever…..

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