Unidentified freaking objects

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  1. Hello Mithai

    You know what those strange stars my young friend. You saw the new souls shining their light for you as they were coming to seed. It was not chaos, maybe.

    I’ve added to the page with a photo the poem rests on. That too is a soul and I managed to catch its likeness for the world to see.


    You may perhaps not know of Chaos and order and I as Chaotician I am here to help. I’m one of the good Chaoticians. Perhaps you’d put your mathematical skills to work to define the total velocity.


    On my exit today might I suggest “Astronomy Class” instead of “Geography”

    Be well young friend and may you continue to shine your light so bright for us!


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    1. Gary now this is such a beautiful comment!! I often have to think a lot about what to say 🙂
      I have gone through your poem……and I had already liked it before……it was just too profound to leave a comment. But this time I did 🙂 Its just so pure and beautiful.

      I’ve heard of chaos theory. And actually quite a firm believer. And its amazing that you too hold the same interest.
      Please pardon me the link you gave me is not opening from my wp app. I’ll again try it though 🙂

      And that is again such a beautiful exit line. I don’t know how much happiness and light I really manage to bring……but you guys are my brightest and most precious light.

      Wishing you a very happy Sunday 😀 😀

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      1. I just saw this. Feels like Wednesday everybody over the hump!

        You do bring joy light. It’s in you as it is in me. You shine Mithai. It is in your eyes all the time. It’s in your expressions too. What is also common between us and those like us is wonderment.

        If the link is still stuck pop it through a desktop browser. You can also snag my email addy of the Chronological Order page and I’ll see you get the article.

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      2. Thank you…….I don’t know how much my writings really shine but so many wonderful people here who come and visit my blog and leave behind such wonderful comments…….enlightens me 🙂

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      3. Good. Enlightenment is something the sentient and sapient seek. You be doing real good!

        This is the attitude and way that I have. I hope when someone reads me they find something in the writing that strikes a chord for them. If nothing does that’s okay too. At the end of the day in my poetry, lyrics, humour pieces, it’s all about me. I write for me.

        The Coaching and Coping Skills and the Poignancy pieces are different and the audience is considered. As they should be.

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      4. Yeah I also blog only to share my thoughts and maybe just to make the day to days stuffs a bit more humorous….and interact with the whole world……different culture different photographs….its amazing!! And its a very enriching experience to get so much blessings and friendship from all of you!!

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  2. Bonjour

    Aussi légère qu’un papillon

    Mes mains survolent mon clavier

    Pour te dire te dicter quelques mots d’amitié

    Et les déposer sur ton blog si merveilleux

    Je pense que mes mots te feront plaisir

    Voila je me fais un peu discret ces temps-ci

    Pour toi

    Juste du bonheur envers toi et ta famille

    Passe une agréable journée , un bon week-end

    Profite du soleil annoncé en faisant

    Attention de ne pas trop s’exposer au soleil sous ses grosses chaleurs

    Bisous , Bernard


  3. A lot of weird and wonderful things happen in the night skies…your story, whether true or not, sounds quite believable. BTW…thanks for visiting and following my blog. And can you ask your mom to share her recipe for Biryani? I love that dis!

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    1. Sorry for the late reply…..but here’s the recipie.

      Biriyani is actually quite difficult dish to make. Mostly everyone eats it at the restaurants. Firstly you need some proper utensils. But I’m sending you the easier version……and its more convenient to make at home 🙂

      You firstly need a rice cooker. Its the best way. Otherwise you need a big and deep saucepan or a pressure cooker.
      But the rice has to be properly cooked…..not too boiled.

      1) Royal Basmati Rice (1:2 rice water ratio in the measure of tea cups)

      You have to visit an Indian grocery shop for the next ingredients. And I guess they all’ll be easily available.

      2) Kasori Methi leaf
      3) Whole Cardamom(small and big)
      4) Whole cinnamon
      5) Whole clove
      6) Whole black pepper
      Each around 5-6
      7) Meetha attar(food scent)
      8) Jaffran

      Roast them all and crush together. Add them in the rice. Give salt according to taste. Add a bit of sugar.
      Divide the rice in 2 parts. Add turmeric powder in one half.
      Basically you need 2 coloured rice.
      Now individually cook each half of rice in the rice cooker.

      Add the meetha attar and jaffran in the yellow rice. And then start the rice cooker.

      The rice cooker automatically stops when the rice is ready.
      In case of pressure cooker, 1 or 2 whistles is needed.
      Basically the rice need to be properly cooked and grainy in nature.

      Now hard boil an egg and cut it into two halves.

      Take large potato. Divide in two halves. Add salt. And boil it. Then fry it light brown.

      Take 2 onions. Chop them in slices. And fry them light brown.

      Keep them aside.

      Marinate 2 pieces of chicken breast for 2hrs in the following ingredients:

      1) Lemon Juice (half slice of lemon)
      2) Ginger, garlic and onion paste (ready made in shop)
      3) cardamom, clove, Jaytree, Jayfal, cinnamon, kabab chinni and chal magaj
      (3-4 pieces each, cinnamon is small 1 stick)
      Roast and powder them.
      Apply in chicken.

      Take a frying pan. Take white vegetable oil and pure ghee.

      Once heated add some chopped onion (carefully coz the oil gets pretty violent)

      Pour the marinated chicken in frying pan.
      Sauté it for half n hour until oil gets separated from chicken and flavour starts coming out.

      Pour water. Boil chicken properly. Stir it till only a dry gravy is left.

      Take a big saucepan. Pour 10-12 tablespoon ghee. Add 2-3 dry bay leaves. Seam down the gas.

      Take the whole white rice and pour in saucepan. Make a rice bed on the pan. Scatter the fried onions on the rice. Add the potato n boiled eggs. Add the cooked chicken.
      Add 1 tablespoon of ghee.

      Add yellow rice on top of it. Also add some fried onions on top. Keep it for 10 mins in low seam. Toss the container every few minutes wearing microwave gloves so the rice doesn’t stick and burn.

      And now Biriyani is ready 🙂
      Add few drops of attar before serving.
      These are the measurements for two people.

      I really haven’t ever written any recipe before.
      This time mom told me the process and I wrote.
      Hope you don’t have any problem in understanding. In case you do…..please let me know 🙂

      Happy cooking!!

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      1. How kind of your mother and you to share your recipe. It is a long and difficult process indeed…one that I am not certain I am capable of carrying out. I am a vegetarian so I would eliminate the chicken and use a vegetable base broth which would change the flavor. Perhaps you could share this recipe on your blog for others to enjoy also. Thank you so much! Blessings.

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  4. Thank you so much for going through the post!!
    Yes I completely agree that the night sky is the most mysterious things you get to see……unexplainable and amazing…..
    And I loved your blog!! It was a pleasure reading them.
    And my mom’s very happy to share the Biryani recipe!! I’m sending it to you ASAP 😀

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      1. That is a wonderful review of the movie!! The way you upheld the different angles!! I gotta catch it sometimes 🙂 Even though I’ve seen most of the alien flicks there are to see lol!! And this seems great!! My fav till now has been Contact and The Fourth Kind 🙂


  5. Mithai, you had me hook, line and sinker. Why? Because I have really seen some very unusual events in our night sky. But since I have a highly active imagination, I didn’t talk about what I saw, thinking, hey, I’m probably just making this up. But honest? I wasn’t. I haven’t watched a night sky for a while and now that I have read your most fascinating read, I am going to! Alas, our skies have been SO cloudy lately due to all the rains we have received, that to get a clear night to see, is like well, winning the lottery. Hehehehehe I LOVED this post, my friend. You really are a talented writer!!! (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Amy for such beautiful words.

      And I believe what you had seen in your night sky. I know it is far from active imagination. Because I too had seen something that day. Exactly the same thing that I’ve written. It was so profound that even when I was looking at it happening…… I still couldn’t believe that I’m seeing all these. And then after googling I found out that many people have seen exactly the same thing. 🙂

      Whatever it was, was pretty cool!! How much do we actually know of this huge universe 😀

      Lots of love and big hugs to you ❤ ❤

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      1. My reaction has been the same …. pinch me, is this really happening??? So many objects I have seen in the sky that just are NOT stars, or planes, so exactly what are they? Once, I kid you not, I saw the moon glowing PINK. I did a double take on that, just looking up and staring as if I was hallucinating. Hmmmm …. what exactly was in my dinner? We know so little of this huge universe, and IMO, we are not the only species alive in this univers. I believe there are many other civilizations, perhaps in a different realm then we are …. like parellel universes or such. And then there are those times that vortexes are known by others enabling them to be seen by us and they see us as well. It’s just fascinating to think of the possibilities. I’ve always said I’m really not from here because this world just feels so alien. (smile)
        You have encouraged me to start again looking up at the night sky. We have had several days of sunshine, so tonight I will make sure I have lotion on to repel those mosquitos which are quite nasty due to all the rain we have had, and star gaze. LOL

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      2. That’s very fascinating!! I know these things are so weird. I distinctly remember the stars which were standing still in sky…..suddenly move. I even googled about the pink moon you mentioned….apparently some people have seen those stuffs too. And its actually much more logical that we are NOT the only species to live in the universe……its a huge place…..any other kind of life is so much probable.
        And I’m so very happy that you are gonna star graze 😀 even if not the aliens 😉 the stats themselves look quite lovely 😀

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      1. Was it not? If it’s true, then I can guarantee that, while observing the lights and planes, you were thinking at the back of your mind, what all things you will write in your blog 😀 I do that. No matter the situation, good or bad, I think that yes I am gonna write this and exclude that 😀 and if it’s fiction, then you got super imagination 😛

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      2. I really don’t know what they were. But I did see something that day…..exactly the same thing that I wrote 😉
        And lol you are right. Once the stars or whatever they were stopped moving……I really thought about writing it!! Haha :p
        It was so crazy yet so wonderful!!

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      3. Android app making classes, wow! Great that will be fun 😉 yeah, weekends are good and every day is new and fun. Took a leave today from work as met school friends after so long. It was awesome. Hope rain stops soon. When my plans are postponed/cancelled due to rain, I also start hating rain, but only for that moment 😉

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  6. Phew… stars! Such fun… especially when you’re sitting on an imaginary rood with the whole family… and it’s not cloudy!

    Thanks too, for following OMBH… I hope you find a smile or two when you visit!! 😉

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