Who are you stranger??

271 thoughts on “Who are you stranger??”

    1. I’m sorry for the late reply. We had to compete a project in the last few days.
      Thank you so much for visiting and leaving behind such a nice and encouraging comment. I’m very happy you enjoyed it 😀 😀
      Hope you are having a great week!!
      Cheers 🙂

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  1. Strangers are easier to get on with, no history, baggage or connection to real life
    Just a person to talk with if the mood is right, but when that stranger turns up down the line… Panic? Calm? Excitement?
    All a flicker of potential in the eye of an impending storm, for how we carry ourselves in a moment of freedom, carries a legacy into how we are percieved in future encounters

    Turned up at a pub, asked for bread and butter
    Didn’t know the locals, land lord and lady or the area but on a dark ditch of a bad day when all hell fronted me… Those ‘strangers’ saved my life, with bread and butter and a cup of tea!
    Bieng going to that pub ever more and never regretted it

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    1. True! That’s a very good way to express it ☺ New strangers, new stories, no baggage no history….or future!
      Just an exciting encounter!!
      Loved the poem you wrote!!👌 Can almost perceive it. You got a great way with words😉

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  2. I was about five and with my parents and brother at a small lake. It is my earliest memory of fishing. The pole I was using was a bamboo one , and it was as tall as me. I don’t remember what I was doing or not doing. I don’t think I could toss the line out into the water, or bait the hook. an older boy came up to me and was very sweet and was helping me. These days I would not expect something like that to happen. That was almost 50 years ago, things were different, and people were more trusting. This boy remained near to me, helping me all day. For years I have wondered about him and what happened to him. I wish I could somehow connect with him, but I don’t know his name or even where we were.

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    1. We miss the nicest people the most! Its difficult to find nice people, I can understand how much of a fond memory you have☺ I too think about all those strangers time to time, specially the kid I met in the swimming pool when I was 6!☺
      I’m sure your stranger too thinks about you☺

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      1. That would be nice if he did. I have thought about him for years. I wouldn’t know him if I saw him and I have no idea of how to look, because I don’t even know exactly where it was that we were.

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    1. I too was telling the same thing to one of my friends! Its such an incredible thought!! I want to believe in it strongly☺ Why do you think this happens? Maybe unfulfilled deeds or something else?


      1. Thing happen too often to be a coincidence. You meet someone and feel you have always known them. You visit a place and feel you have been there before. We seem to have a connection beyond this world we temporarily inhabit. It’s an interesting idea and perhaps we will know more some day. At least, I thank you for considering the thought.

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      2. I have that very often. All of a sudden it feels like it has happened before….or what I dreamt suddenly played out in front of me….this thing as I read is called deja vu…..but I too think its much more than that!☺

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  3. Hi there

    What an intriguing article and I love the comment from one of your readers who said this
    ”But what if it is true that the people in our lives now were also connected to us in a past life.”

    We are all connected and no one just stumbles into someone’s life.
    Keep up the good work! Let’s connect?

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