1 year later

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. You’re back! It’s wonderful to hear from you, Mithai! I’m glad that you seem to enjoy your job, that’s very fortunate! As for the marriage proposals, it’d take me a long time to get used to seeing random marriage proposals in public! I think that arranged marriages would be one of the aspects of Indian culture that’d be hardest for me to adjust to – not because they’re necessarily ‘bad,’ but because that’s so different to how marriage happens in the U.S.

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    1. Heyy Josh! I can’t begin to tell you how glad I’m to be talking to you! Yes I’m back. And for real. Too many posts lined up!

      Yes it was definitely weird to get the proposals from complete strangers. No way I’m getting married like that! We don’t even know what kinda people they are.

      Not all arranged marriages happen like that though.
      Usually couple of boys or girls are ‘shortlisted’ and then its a speed dating kinda thing and in the end if any ‘couple’ ends up liking eachother they get married.
      Else it starts from beginning with new people.
      Something like that…….. infact I myself don’t know what or how exactly it happens.

      And not interested to know either.😂😂

      Well what’s up with you?? Its been 1 whole year gosh!

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      1. Yea, I’d be super uncomfortable marrying someone I didn’t know VERY well, as I’d hate to be one of those couples that gets divorced after seven years or less. Although I imagine divorce rates are different in India as well? I’ll have to google that…

        Oh man, how to explain how I’ve been for the past year…I’ll have to get back to you on that! You can get some idea from looking at my blog, but since I don’t usually write about myself, I’m afraid that won’t provide you with much information. In short, I’ve had a very busy and stressful year: lots of hard work on big projects that may or may not pay off in the future. We shall see…

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      2. Yes it’s bound to be uncomfortable. Its definitely not the way to get married. Divorce rates are low in India but its changing.
        Heading over to your blog right now to see what you’ve been upto!
        Sometimes back I was actually watching YouTube docs on Belize. And I could recognize some sites from your pictures!

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  2. you look fabulous, Mithai. Let yourself decide who is Mr. Right, and when he is right. Every person should decide for self about this. It’s lovely that many people find you attractive. Nonetheless, it is a two-way street.

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    1. Hello and hope you had a wonderful new year! ☺
      Yes the proposals were very weird! Its no way to get married. We don’t even know them.
      It definitely has to be a 2 way street. And I’m choosier than required. That’s why nothing has happened till now. But we’ll get there someday….😊

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  3. Happy New Year Mithai 🙂 It is nice to see you back here. I have been very slack in the last part of 2018 with my writing… it’s not that I don’t want to write, I just can’t seem to get the words onto paper the way I want them 😦 Still Instagram (@beardovski) is keeping me occupied with social media, where I try to post a pic every day or so.
    I am not surprised that you have had marriage proposals – you are a qualified software engineer with your own office, a pair of heels, amazing eyes and gentle (it seems to me) approach to the world. I am sure the perfect person will be along when you are ready.
    Look forward to reading you posts and wish me luck with getting my writing mojo back 🙂 I am off to a writers group this Thursday, seeking motivation. Take it easy Mithai.

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    1. Hello Andy! I’m truly honored with your kind words, thank you so much😊😊
      Instagram also has been my only social media place for last 1 year. That also scarcely.
      So I hugely appreciate that you uploaded such beautiful pictures on IG very frequently. Its all about what refreshes you and makes you happy.
      I’ve around 5-6 drafts saved on WordPress written throughout the year but didn’t get the mojo to publish.
      I feel to make a ‘comeback’ you just need to suddenly think of something, write in 10 minutes and publish!
      And instantly all other future posts fall in place.
      Moreover your mojo in writing will soon come back, when its satisfied with your photography! And you’ll see that you’ve reached a personal high in your already amazing photography skills!
      And I’m glad that you’re going to a writer’s group and will get to make new friends. Your mojo is acting in great ways.
      And you have all my best wishes with you!😊😊


  4. Wow! Hi Mithai. I can certainly see why parents want their lovely son to marry such a beautiful princess. With those high heels and nails, everyone will know, Haute Couture is in the house. I think it’s great that you are back and probably with more fun adventures to tell us about.

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    1. Hello Daniel so glad to hear from you after a long time! I don’t see you on Instagram these days! How have you been? And lol thank you for your kind words! 😊😊Btw your daughter’s birthday is coming up right, what are you having planned?

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      1. Hi Mithai! It has been a long time. I’ve been doing well. Yes, I bailed on my Instagram and Facebook. I only have WordPress now. It was just too hard for me to keep up. Yes indeed! My youngest born daughter is having a birthday next week and we got together and got her some kind of strange skincare device that she has dreamed about getting. We’re making her dreams come true. We also plan to take her to a fancy restaurant and feed her cause that poor girl doesn’t have enough bootie to hold up her Gym Shark leggings.

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  5. Gosh, I didn’t know you were gone that long. Marriage does take time especially when you have a career to consider. I wish you well and take care.

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