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  1. Hi Mithai, a thoughtful post indeed. I haven’t owned a TV in many years though I admit to streaming sports fixtures, and also accessing documentaries and the occasional film. TV content is demand driven. In the early days of the (UK) BBC it was viewed as a public service with a mix of light entertainment and news. TV has long become commercial and cutthroat – if it doesn’t get watched it doesn’t get money so it doesn’t get made. So yeah, the proliferation of programmes guaranteed to get us watching. In the UK these are often reality shows, major sports events and some good drama series. With exceptions, the drama will include a lot of content which you wouldn’t want the kids to watch. If there’s no ‘edge’ then people have loads of other choices.
    There used to be lavish, well-made and well-acted drama series but these are mega-expensive and risky for a TV station to commission. Thankfully, good documentaries are easier and cheaper to come by though they’re often found only online.
    Good to have you back, hope you’re well.

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    1. Hi Roy, hope you’re doing well too! Glad to have you on my blog 😊 You’re absolutely right about the demand and supply for content. Over the decades it has brought along many changes in entertainment. However in last few years I feel, content is being driven by propaganda rather than what people actually want to see. The kind of content that’s being made specially in last 3-4 years, just makes people sick.
      I saw numerous videos, comments and blogs where people express their anguish at such vile illogical content which serves no one.

      Most of the recently released movies aren’t doing well. Streaming apps are losing their subscribers and cancelling their web series.
      I feel the only reason to make such shows and movies is to push politicised indoctrination.
      I saw various posts where actors claimed they don’t get work unless they join the bandwagon and post certain propaganda on social media even if its against their beliefs.
      And its unfortunately happening all over the world.
      I too find myself watching mostly documentaries or shows by TV channels specifically made for day time audience. However the condition of movies and web series is despicable.

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  2. Mithrai, you have an exceptionally smart, young mind to think in such depth about the ills of society. All true and well written. I’m the book Great-grandma to 4 great-grandkids. They get books for birthdays & Christmas. I gave up TV channels, and have internet to watch movies only. Older movies that haven’t been polluted with the new political β€œwoke” crap. Keep up the good thinking and spread the word. πŸ“šπŸŽΆChristine

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    1. Hi Christine hope you’re doing well! Its been a long time, very happy to have you on my blog.❀️ Glad that you too share the same views, its impossible to watch anything made nowadays. I don’t even bother giving it a chance. When it comes to movies, I too always watch movies made in the last few decades and try to stay clear of anything made after 2010. Lots of love to you and your family 😊

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  3. Good to see you back with these profound thoughts. We are so inured to TV that boundaries are being pushed to extremes. I was 15 before we had one – black and white second hand πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Derrick hope you’re doing well! Happy weekends 😊 Yes its absolutely true, TV boundaries are being pushed to extremes and people have been complacent. But now I see a lot of people refusing to see such toxic content, I hope we’ll get it see some good content in the future. Take care πŸ€—

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  4. Fantastic Mithai! I think this blog post is very insightful. Most popular TV shows feed into viewers’ negative emotions. Friends was very popular in the 90’s, but so much sarcasm disguised as wit πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜”πŸ‘

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    1. Hi Dave you’re absolutely right. TV shows are only feeding negative and discriminatory emotions amongst its viewers. Instead of having a wholesome feel after watching a movie or show, you just see the worst side of people.
      Sarcasm is often projected as wit and that encourages such behaviour even more but its one of the worst traits one can show. Contrary to good’ol humour, sarcasm doesn’t solve anything,

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      1. Most of the mainstream television programmes in the UK have become even worse since the days of Friends. I agree that switching the TV off and reading a good book πŸ“– is the way forward. πŸ˜ƒ

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  5. Hi Mithai πŸ™‚
    My wife and I were discussing this exact topic on our walk this morning and we agree fully with you. Even cartoons – Simpson, South Park, Family Guy etc seem to glorify the ‘smart back-chat’. Stay safe and happy πŸ™‚

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    1. Another aspect of your article is the amount of Violence viewed by kids and adults on TV and Movies. Also the number of Video Games our children watch are loaded with killing and violence. It is no wonder we have the same thing playing out in the real world!

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      1. Your comment reminded me of an article I had read.
        Two groups of children were made to watch two types of tv shows, violent and non violent. Both groups were shown same ads in between the shows.

        After the show got over, both groups of children were asked to choose some products from a variety of products.

        Kids who watched the non violent show chose random products.
        Whereas the kids who watched the violent show, gravitated mostly towards the particular products they were shown in the ads.

        It can be assumed that watching violent content on TV can stump a person’s brain and thinking abilities and can be directed to do or follow certain things by manipulation.

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