A Bit On Romance

My friends, sometimes back I finished reading two highly intense romance novels. And I’m a little light headed now. The mediator series was a very loved book series of mine during school days and I was elated to find out that the author had added one more book to the list, which was quite unexpected. … Continue reading A Bit On Romance


As a kid you keep hearing that whatever’s shown on TV is not real. And probably every kid is well aware of that too. Then I wonder exactly at what age do TV characters suddenly become ‘relatable’? Every now and then I see my friends taking some online quiz and bragging about which ‘Friends’ character … Continue reading Conditioning

Yellow building

Couple of years ago we had gone for a drive outside the city. It was a semi village semi town like area, near the railway station……with farm fields nearby. And there were yellowish tall buildings. They actually had a flood the previous year and it was bad!!  The ground floors of all the buildings got … Continue reading Yellow building

Damnit give me a pen!

I often feel like walking on a tumoltuous rainly night……through the lonely streets, dark houses on the sides, towering solemnly……condemned by stong iron gates. And a lamp hanging from the perimeter walls, palely flickering with the gush of the winds. Making the night look beautifully arcane. Its more like those ‘feel good‘ day dreams…………..something that’s … Continue reading Damnit give me a pen!