Coffee in rain

So I had made coffee sometimes back. First time ever!! Just strong black coffee. On a trip to the mall, while admiring some scented candles I saw two of the biggest whitest glossiest coffee cups ever. They were beautiful!! Special. Anybody would love them.I knew I just had to make coffee. Life shouldn’t be monotonous. … Continue reading Coffee in rain

4am Adventure :/

Its 4:15 am right now. And I’m trying to finish one wretched topic, ‘Phase Lock Loop Frequency Modulator Demodulator’ …….tongue twister and freaking brain twister. I got sick last month. Complete bed rest, missing classes and labs for so long. Actually that’s what made me start the blog. Because a month can’t just be wasted … Continue reading 4am Adventure :/

The oasis

Let the wind blow my hair and let the lightning strike an empty field illuminating the vastness around. The sky is bright orange. Dust blurring the view. A storm is coming. I am excited. Elated. I walk on a maize field. No soul around, for miles. Yes the sky is changing color. A dark shade … Continue reading The oasis