Fiction giving some serious Friction 😎

2 years ago I had read a quote,  ‘How would a person 200 years from the past would react, seeing that today humans own a light weight sleek device, the size of their palm, which is powerful enough to store all the information of the world, yet they use it to look at pictures of … Continue reading Fiction giving some serious Friction 😎

Catching Up

Hey my lovely people how have you all been?? Long time since my last post. It hasn’t been easy. The house still feels empty without grandma, she was a pillar of support for all of us. But we believe she’s always with us, looking after us. And with job interviews coming up soon its as … Continue reading Catching Up


My nani passed away last Saturday. She’s my maternal grandmother. It is extremely difficult to write this post but she was a wonderful lady to talk about. She’s one of the most strongest persons I’ve ever seen.Throughout my childhood nani was a constant source of inspiration and strength. She never believed in giving up. Never. … Continue reading Nani

Its been 30 mins and I still couldn’t come up with any title…..

A lush green valley. Spreading for miles. Covered with juicy opulent grass bringing coolness to heart and to the eyes. The blue sky extending over the horizon with fluffy clouds floating around with mirth and merryness. Yellow tulips nodding frivolouslyΒ  with the gale bringing down whiff of freshness and sanguinity of soul. Amidst the coolness … Continue reading Its been 30 mins and I still couldn’t come up with any title…..