Day 5~~ Sparkles

Bangles…….also called ‘Churiyas’. Couple of days back I got a tattoo. A temporary one 😉 😉 That also free with biscuit packet lol. And few days ago there was a ceremony at my neighbor’s house!! So along with dressing up traditionally, I also dressed up my hand……with Aladin’s lamp painted on it…..and lots of ‘Reshmi … Continue reading Day 5~~ Sparkles

Day 3 Challenge~~~~This time lets talk about some awards ;)

I’ve received some award nominations. 16 in total!! And from some of the most amazing people in this blog!! WOOHOO!! The Creative Bloggers Award This is the 4th time I’ve been nominated for this award and I’m extremely happy and grateful for it. The following amazing people nominated me for these very cool awards!! The … Continue reading Day 3 Challenge~~~~This time lets talk about some awards 😉

The scary list

The scariest thing I’ve seen: Praying mantis eating a humming bird. Apparently there’re things scarier than spiders!! Scariest thing I’ve said: I guess all viva exams are scary. In my 1st year of college, I got ‘interrogated’ simultaneously by 5 professors about Phase transformation of 3 phase induction motor. In the end, even they started … Continue reading The scary list