Suit up and scare people!!

Heyy do you guys still remember me?? How have you been?? I missed you guys so much!! Its been quite a frenzy all this time. And a lotttt of things have happened in the past few weeks!! Like epiphanies and life changing decisions. There are 3 things that I’m tying to juggle right now!! a) … Continue reading Suit up and scare people!!

Day 3 Challenge~~~~This time lets talk about some awards ;)

I’ve received some award nominations. 16 in total!! And from some of the most amazing people in this blog!! WOOHOO!! The Creative Bloggers Award This is the 4th time I’ve been nominated for this award and I’m extremely happy and grateful for it. The following amazing people nominated me for these very cool awards!! The … Continue reading Day 3 Challenge~~~~This time lets talk about some awards πŸ˜‰


Monsoon’s here. Finally the earth getting greener and people, alive. Because this year the summer was blistering. I would go upto the roof in evenings, immediately arid barren air would gust through my face, so hot and dry that it would send a shiver. Crows, pigeons and parrots, parched flying from tree to tree in … Continue reading Barish……rain