Always Mine

I’m born….again and again….in some corner of the world, beside some river………the Mississippi, the Thames, the Nile or the Ganges. In search of something I know was only mine a 1000 years ago. Even a century ago. And it has been only mine since the birth of my soul. And it’ll be mine in all … Continue reading Always Mine

Ink of zest

once upon a time there was a question. And a pen was used to answer it. Or not! What an irony. But when reality assimilates with illusion, you need a deeper ink composing many lyrics, few rhythms and one thought to authenticate your spirit and bring in the vortex of life swirling in the whirlpool … Continue reading Ink of zest

Glowing Brain ;)

3:40 am. And I’m trying to solve some sums. My mom had actually gifted this pen to me….like a Valentine’s Day kind of gift coz all the malls were filled with lovey dovey stuffs :p And said that whenever I’ll feel bored while doing sums, shake up the pen and start writing. Because my brain’ll … Continue reading Glowing Brain 😉

Coffee in rain

So I had made coffee sometimes back. First time ever!! Just strong black coffee. On a trip to the mall, while admiring some scented candles I saw two of the biggest whitest glossiest coffee cups ever. They were beautiful!! Special. Anybody would love them.I knew I just had to make coffee. Life shouldn’t be monotonous. … Continue reading Coffee in rain