Coffee in rain

So I had made coffee sometimes back. First time ever!! Just strong black coffee. On a trip to the mall, while admiring some scented candles I saw two of the biggest whitest glossiest coffee cups ever. They were beautiful!! Special. Anybody would love them.I knew I just had to make coffee. Life shouldn’t be monotonous. … Continue reading Coffee in rain

The oasis

Let the wind blow my hair and let the lightning strike an empty field illuminating the vastness around. The sky is bright orange. Dust blurring the view. A storm is coming. I am excited. Elated. I walk on a maize field. No soul around, for miles. Yes the sky is changing color. A dark shade … Continue reading The oasis

Is that chocolate??

SADNESS is not anything to watch on tv, raining like crazy outside, alone at house, nothing much to do on fb, moving up n down the house, visiting the kitchen and find it stacked with healthy healthy food then go to the fridge, more healthy food….basically nothing to eat. Then HAPPINESS is remembering ‘Yaar grocery … Continue reading Is that chocolate??