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  1. Hi Mithai, it always makes me happy when you publish a new post! How’s your business going, by-the-way? It’s great that you’ve found a way to make money that also makes you happy!

    I’ve also kinda given up on TV, but that’s because I don’t have access to it where I currently live πŸ˜› I used to enjoy watching nature, science, and history shows though, because I love to learn. I know that reading books is a better way to learn than watching TV shows (or better yet, reading scientific papers), but sometimes I find TV shows to be more engaging.

    Lastly, I hope your 5th grade teacher is eating her words now! I can’t believe she had so little faith in you.

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    1. Heyy Josh I’m good too! Business going well, it was a bit slow last couple of months but things have started to pick up now.

      I too love historical docs and nature shows. I recently watched World’s Toughest Race hosted by Bear Grylls. It was so adventurous!
      In times like this I feel even more for a day out in the woods!

      And as for our 5th grade class teacher….she later became head mistress of primary section. Even though in 6th grade we were in secondary section, she too was present while I received my certificate and award for the essay competition lol😁😁

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      1. I’m glad that your business is picking up! I imagine that the pandemic slowed down lots of businesses.

        Yes, stressful times are the best times to spend in the woods. It can feel great to get off the internet reconnect with nature, even if only for a an hour or two.

        Haha, I can just imagine your 5th grade teacher standing there as you received your award, kicking herself for doubting you. Hopefully she learned not to underestimate you πŸ™‚

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      2. Haha I don’t know if she learnt anything. I just consider her evil. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I’m personally not a fan of traditional schools and teaching methods. I had been reading since quite early and maybe that slightly developed my vocabulary better than my classmates. That probably shook her. Someone who’s judging the world according to her own standards can’t be a good teacher. That’s why most aren’t.
        But I did come across some very good teachers in 10th grade. And in college.

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      3. It makes me sad to read that you had such bad teachers 😦 I also had a good vocabulary when I was young, because I loved to read, but my teachers encouraged me.

        I still have my doubts about traditional traditional schools and teaching methods, though. Sometimes I feel like the main goal of school isn’t to help kids succeed, but to break them down and teach them their “place” in society. Of course, I mostly have those thoughts when I’m in a dark mood. There must be research on how to most effectively help kids learn and succeed, though?

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      4. Yeah you’re right an effective study system should be researched and implemented. I feel that most of the studying and learning happens at home as self study. Sometimes I used to bunk school to spend a more effective time studying at home.
        So I’m quite intrigued by the concept of homeschooling. Specially with internet nowadays and easy availability of books, the process has become much easier too. But ofcourse for many people home schooling isn’t convenient.
        I think ultimately if someone introspects a bit, people find their calling irrespective of everything.
        I had particularly good teachers in 7th and 10th grade. And they were very supportive towards everyone in our class. And in college it was a very different atmosphere with some very good teachers (specially in our department). The support and encouragement we got from college I’m truly grateful for that. I feel that if teachers hate their jobs, it shows lolπŸ˜‚ And if they love it, that shows too. Maybe to better the education system, its imperative to make teachers like their job.πŸ˜€

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  2. Hey Mithai πŸ™‚ So nice to hear from you again. I love these little insights. I’ll tell you a couple of things about me. I love reading Science Fiction/Fantasy novels and very occasionally an Autobiography. My hobby is my motorcycle. I remember when I was in Grade 6, I had a poem published in the school magazine – I was very proud and I think the magazine is still floating around at my fathers’ place. I try to be as mindful as possible in all activities and try to respect the opinion of other ( maybe I mumble disagreeably under my breath haha). I don’t watch TV as such (the news just makes me angry) but I love Netflix and I watch a few of the series. Take it easy Mithai πŸ™‚ Glad your business is picking up. Stay safe and happy *hug*

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    1. Hii Andy so glad to hear from you again.😊 Thank you for sharing your insights, its so interesting to get to know little things about your friends! What’s your fav science fiction/fantasy novel? I had read a book called The Amphibian Man by Alexander Belyaev. And quite enjoyed it. It recently found out, it has a movie too.
      Sadly I can’t even ride a bicycle. But I plan to learn someday!
      After the episode with the 5th grade teacher I didn’t submit anything for the school magazine for a long time. Finally in 12th grade my mom insisted and I submitted a 2 page article which ended up getting published. I was quite happy and have kept the copy lol.

      I had actually taken up a freelancing Job in quite a reputed online magazine for 2 months during college. They didn’t even pay me! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      I’ve quite given up on any sort of magazine writing after that lolπŸ™

      Yes I agree series can be quite fun! And I’m open to suggestions on what to watch after Supernatural ends! And sadly it’ll end very soon!
      What’s your fav series?

      Sometimes I just feel that people don’t do anything else apart from work and watch tv. It kinda hinders the broadening of mentality or the will to do something new. Or getting out there and discovering things.
      But some series are definitely addictive and very well made!!😊

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      1. Hi Mithai – My favourite science fiction book series is “The Saga of Pliocene Exile (or the Saga of the Exiles) by Julian May. There are 4 books in the series. Recently I have watched a couple of series I liked – Stranger Things, Marco Polo and the Outlaw King. Have fun and stay safe πŸ™‚


  3. Good to hear from you again Mithai. To follow your headings:
    1. Books. I guess my go-to author these days is Kate Atkinson. Funny, clever, excellent writing.
    2. Hobby. Still running (badly) I guess.
    3. Moment of confidence. Aged 10, elected by my classmates to lead the school May procession as Crown Bearer alongside the Queen of the May πŸ™‚
    4. A miracle. Passing my final accountancy exams when I was already considering an alternative career.
    5. Uncompromisable. Same as you. I hate cheats, also politicians who lie so naturally.
    6. Favourite TV show. Easy, I have no TV.

    Stay safe.

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    1. Hi Roy! How have you been? Hope everything is good at your end.

      I’ll make sure to check out Kate Atkinson too.
      Keep running! I need to develop a beneficial hobby like this too.
      Its quite interesting that most people get their moment of confidence at 10. I too was 10 at that time. I’m sure you led the procession very royally!
      Yes I’ve heard the final exams of accountancy can be very tricky. Many people do drop out of it. What were you considering as an alternate career?
      You’re right. Politics is reaching a new low everyday. Everywhere its the same condition. But everything has an end.
      Haha no tv is the best decision. A lot of my friends go to work, come back and start watching tv till they fall asleep. That is not the problem.

      The thing is, its very difficult to continue a conversation with them, unless you’re talking about the show they’re watching.
      Any other topic, they go quite blank. Even though they’re very intelligent, somehow they’ve lost the ability to explore and converse about other things.
      Anyways, whatever gives someone joyπŸ˜€
      Stay safe you too!😊

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  4. Hi Mithai, good to hear you’re well. I haven’t much time for reading although I did download my blog friend John Howell’s book and am enjoying that. My favourite book is by another Blogger friend Annette Rochelle Aben it’s called ‘Go You’.
    My hobbies – Pilates; swimming; dancing; I used to do Karate to 2nd Dan and I like walking (not jogging!) All my best wishes Charlotte x


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